Cause and Effect Manager

Build Control Schemes Quickly with the Cause and Effect in Houston, TX

Lavoro Technologies’ Cause and Effect Manager gives you control in the field without the use of complex programming software. With Cause and Effect Manager in Houston, TX, you can quickly build control schemes with a cause/effect in an excel spreadsheet. Import your spreadsheet and control motors, pumps, VRUs, and other pad equipment on the fly. We also track changes and can tell you who made changes, as well as when. We offer powerful control with a common sense approach to well site automation.

Contact us today to get more information about our original Cause and Effect Manager. We serve clients around the world from our base of operations in Houston, Texas.

Advanced Features

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What Doesn’t QLogix Have?

  • No hidden service fees
  • No layered software service plans
  • No proprietary, third-party, web software

Hardware & Software Specifications

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