The Difference

Configurable Solutions, Savings for Modern Use

Compared to the standard PCL software Application cycle, which is long, expensive, and difficult to manage, the Lavoro Technologies solution is a configurable solution. Our cycle has easily configurable applications that auto-generate automation and HMI.

In a customer use case, our competition developed a plunger application in IEC61131 function block, ladder, and structured text, taking five months to develop. Lavoro replaced and configured the application within a one-hour window with a savings of close to $90,000.

For a rollout to 100 well pads of typical complexity, the Lavoro approach represents a savings of almost $1 million due to a reduction in almost 7,000 engineering hours and lower cost of per unit of hardware.

Tomorrow's oilfield technology, today

  • Gears and Belts

    Rugged, Simple, Intuitive, & Easy to Deploy

    We’ve worked in the harshest, most remote oilfields in the world. Our products are designed with this experience in mind to be easily deployed by the people you have available.

  • Graph

    More Efficient Process Brings High Value

    All our applications are configurable, so no programming is required for well site setup or screen development.  Our system auto-generates all application screens for you. Within minutes, your site can be setup with well site automation and ready for production.

  • Explosive Icon

    Suitable for Explosive Environments

    Built for the oilfield. It is rated for installation in explosive environments and is designed to stand up to the environment in the field.


The Lavoro Platform Application Suite

The Lavoro Platform is a state-of-the-art Software as a Service platform that puts the power of configuration-based programming and data collection into the hands of technicians and programmers. It delivers dynamic data for unprecedented access to production data for analysis – right from your controller.

  • Tank Insight
    The premier solution for tanks offering volume calculations with k-factor, formulas or strapping tables and more to drive better decision-making. MORE »
  • Virtual Ticket
    Pinnacle solution for electronic ticketing applications to process transactions quickly and accurately and generate tickets and daily summaries plus more. MORE »
  • Well Manager
    State of the art solution for plunger lift with our Well Manager module. Integrates with existing hardware, RTU’s and PLC’s, and manages from 1 to 32 wells. MORE »
  • Separation Controller
    Generates comprehensive well test data for 2-phase or 3-phase separators. Configurable for basic or advanced water-cut management. MORE »
  • Smart LACT
    Single or multi-well LACT control with tank or pipeline LACTS. Easy interface that works seamlessly with our Virtual Ticket module. MORE »
  • Plunger Optimizer
    Insuring maximum production from wells with low flow rates can be a challenge. Our easy to configure Plunger Optimizer learns individual production conditions and optimizes the process to assure peak production and protects the asset in the event of a field issue. MORE »
  • Safety Manager
    Safety Manager gives you automation control in the field without the use of ladder logic or function block programming. MORE »
  • Data Visualizer
    Data quality in the oil field has plagued our industry for years. With Data Visualizer we enable our customers to capture asset data from instrumentation and field applications and store the data in an onsite historian MORE »