Lavoro Technologies Ranks in CIO Review Top 20 Oil & Gas Technology Solutions Providers for 2018

Posted On November 8, 2018

Houston, Texas — Lavoro Technologies, a leading oil & gas automation and optimization company, was recently named to the CIO Review magazine 20 Most Promising Oil & Gas Technologies Solutions Providers — 2018.

Given annually, the award is given by CIO Review and leading CXO’s in the industry to companies that are “at the forefront of providing technology solutions of the oil & gas industry and impacting the marketplace”.

“We are very proud to be namedto this list,” said Eric Fidler, President & CEO of Lavoro Tehnologies, “Today the oil & gas industry is redefining its boundaries through digitalization. It is quickly recognizing that digital technologies can help them reduce costs and offer data assurance at the edge. Lavoro helps clients in automating operations in midstream? oil & gas through high performance analytics and machine learning operating in the Lavoro Cloud, thereby reducing the computing load. This digitalization is acting as an enabler to tackle challenges and provide value to all our stakeholders.”

In selecting the list, CIO Review looked for companies helping to increase optimization in operations, reduce costs, and provide real time visibility software that helps expedite the production process.

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About Lavoro Technologies

Our state-of-the-art SaaS platform offers sophisticated technology, powerful analytics and industry-leading data capture and storage. Our solutions deliver value across upstream and midstream markets and empower companies to gain a better knowledge of their assets, achieve critical insights and operate internally in more collaborative, efficient and competitive ways.


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